Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Chef-de Mission, Mr. Owen Sonny Meighan presents to Prince Harry
The smallest country in The Olympics turned to Jeff Banks to create their wardrobe for the opening ceremony in London. With only eight athletes competing the tiny country were at a loss as to how to create a look that
would be memorable on the world stage. One of their participants who resides in London approached Jeff to create something special that would give pride to this tiny nation.

The designs are at the moment closely kept under wraps, but Jeff said "I'm going for a Great Gatsby look". His design team have been flying backward and forward to measure and fit the competitors to ensure they feel great on
the day.

Part of the design brief was to create a badge based on the country's national symbol. This has been made in Birmingham  by Toy Kenning & Spencer. To commemorate the event Jeff had them create a one off badge using real gold wire which was presented to Prince Harry on his recent visit to Belize. The specially boxed badge was presented by Chef-de Mission, Mr. Owen Sonny Meighan which was gleefully accepted by The Prince.