Wednesday, 22 August 2012


The end of August saw Fashion on the Field return to the Ebor meeting at York races.

Once again glamorous men, women and children gathered in the now famous marquee to parade their fashion credentials and have their outfits judged with hope of winning the big prize of a week all expenses paid trip to St Vincent in the Caribbean.

Jeff Banks and Yvette Jelfs

Wednesdays winners went forward to challenge for the big prize on Saturday while Thursdays winners was voted best dressed for ladies day and won a three day trip to the World Cup in Dubai.

Wednesday Judges - Kelly Cooper Barr, Belinda Robertson, Fancine Cohen, Andrew Price

Kelly Cooper Barr - Editor of Herald magazine
Belinda Robertson -Belinda Robertson Cashmere
Francine Cohen - Celebrity freelance journalist
Wednesdays winners - Vanessa Barker and Paul Dunphy