Thursday, 8 June 2017


A chance email from Les at the British Legion in Portsmouth caught Jeff Banks’ eye. Here was a big man who had brought a Jeff Banks suit at Debenhams to fit his 6’5 frame.

Jeff couldn’t resist phoning him to congratulate him on his purchase. Les was shocked to receive the call and as they chatted expressed his doubt that his mates; ex-dockers, miners and military men could enjoy the same experience.

This was throwing down the gauntlet to Jeff who suggested a makeover of the gang of 8.
So with the help of his intense design team, hairdresser Simon Izzard and photographer Nick Richards, Jeff descended on the British Legion in Portsmouth.
Wearing Jeff banks travel suits, white shirts and performance shoes, and with grooming from Simon Izzard, the gang of 8 were transformed.
Real men wearing real clothes that are expertly tailored to fit all shapes and sizes.